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Strength Equipment

If you’re looking to create a brand new gym - at home or as part of a commercial venture - then you need great strength equipment. With us, that’s precisely what you get, ensuring that the investment you make in your gym today will pay off for many years to come.

Strength equipment is excellent for building muscle mass and size, while also developing tone. With strength equipment, you can sculpt the body of your dreams, or help your customers do the same. With us, you get express delivery on all strength equipment you order, and if you’re fitting out a home gym, we can help install strength equipment too.

Our Strength Equipment

Choose from a range of fabulous strength training equipment we offer such as:

Single stations

Single stations are great for people who have a lot of space and can afford to have a single piece of equipment per muscle movement. Single stations allow exercisers to perform practically any type of motion they like, from hack squat (to train the glutes and quads) to pull-down machines (to train the latissimus dorsi and other muscles in the back). Single stations are also an excellent choice for people who need to prepare a specific muscle group for sport.

Dual Stations

Dual stations offer exceptional practicality for situations in which space is a constraint. On a dual station, an exerciser can perform two different exercises. Dual stations are ideal, therefore, for performing supersets, where you connect a string of sets together comprising different exercises (for example, doing a set of pull-downs before moving onto a set of leg extensions).


Multi-gyms are do-it-all strength training stations that allow the exerciser to complete a variety of exercises. Multi-gyms are ideal for both home and commercial gyms alike, thanks to their versatility and reliability. Home gym owners love multi-gyms because they help them to save on space by combining many of the features they need into a single piece of equipment. Many home multi-gyms allow exercisers to perform dozens of different exercises.

Plate Loaded Equipment

Plate loaded equipment differs from regular resistance machines. When using plate loaded equipment, exercisers must manually slot plate weights onto the machine instead of adjusting the position of a weight pin. Plate loaded equipment is suitable for training practically all muscle groups, including shoulders, chest, back, and legs.

Racks And Platforms

All gyms need somewhere to store their free weights neatly, whether commercial or home-based. Our racks and platforms help you keep your gym tidy and free from clutter while at the same time making it look attractive and appealing. With our stands, exercisers can easily find the desired weight and begin exercising immediately. Using racks is a convenient and safe way of storing all your equipment.

Stretching And Flexibility

Although strength is essential, being flexible is critical to prevent injury and to be able to put newfound strength to practical use. Our stretching and flexibility equipment helps exercisers become more limber and avoid damaging their muscles and joints during training.

Choose our strength equipment today and use our express delivery service and home installation to build your dream gym.


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